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About Me

My name is Kaitlin Vidrine. This is my fourth year at BVES. I taught special education my first year and then moved to first grade. This will be my third year teaching first grade. I absolutely love teaching first grade and getting to know all the first graders! I look forward to teaching and working with my current and future students and parents. I have a degree in elementary education as well as in special education which I received from the Univerity of New Orleans. Like my students I enjoy learning. I am currently continuing my education by working on my masters degree in educational leadership at Our Lady of Holy Cross College. I feel it is important to learn as much as I can so that my teaching is more effective which will help meet the needs of all students. 

Why I teach....

I teach because education is my passion. An excellent teacher has the power to open wide the doors of future achievement. I aim to assume this role and in doing so, provide my kids with choices for their futures through a high-quality education. In teaching you laugh, you cry, and you work harder than you ever thought you could. Some days your trying to change the world and some days your just trying to make it through the day. Your wallet is empty, your heart is full, and your mind is constantly packed with thoughts about all your wonderful students and how you will finally get them to understand. You live everyday for your students, your kids. This is why I teach. I teach for them, for the many little reasons who step foot in my classroom.