Boothville-Venice Elementary School

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BVES Celebrates Asian New Year

Boothville-Venice Elementary School celebrated Asian New Year with its diverse population on Friday, February 2, 2017.  Mrs. Stephanie Nguyen coordinated the event with her 65 EL students and their parents.  American, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laos, and Spanish students welcomed the guests in their native language.  The food was catered by Hong Minh restaurant in Gretna and many items were donated by the owner/chef which prepared a special treat, a roasted pig.  Special guests, parents and students filled the gym to celebrate the Year of the Dog.  Superintendent Denis Rousselle, Human Resource Director Monica Wertz, Principal Maria Prout, and Mrs. Stephanie Nguyen all dressed up in Vietnamese Culture.
1st picture - L-R  Laurie Rousselle, Kenny Petkovich, Moncia Wertz, Stephanie Nguyen, Denis Rousselle, Ronald Bateman, Maria Prout, Pam Munsterman
2nd picture - Phuong Lu, Susan Nguyen, Linda Om, Jessica Pham, Chanda Vong, Stephanie Nguyen, and Tommy Nguyen
3rd picture - Tommy Nguyen, Kenny Petkovich, Chuck Soileau, Stephanie Nguyen, Denis Rousselle, Paul LeMaire, Maria Prout, Stacey-Ann Barrret, Monica Wertz, Laurie Rousselle, and Pam Munsterman
4th picture - Maria Prout, Denis Roussele, Monica Wertz, Stephanie Nguyen