Boothville-Venice Elementary School

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***Dress Code Guidelines***


Dress Code Guidelines

For Purchasing Uniforms

Do not purchase anything in violation of this list, as the students will not be allowed to wear it at school.

Fremin’s in Port Sulphur is the vendor for BVES uniform shirts and jackets

  • Pants- uniform pants must be traditional leg khaki pants; no bell-bottoms, wide leg or other non-traditional leg shapes are allowed. Slit or frayed pant legs are not allowed.  Pants with multi (cargo-type) pockets or cell phone pockets are not allowed.  Hip huggers and “peanut pants or peanut shorts” with 3’zippers are not allowed. 
  • Shorts and Skirts- shorts and skirts must be at the knee. No cargo type pockets or mini skirts.  Skirts are discouraged for the young students.
  • Undershirts-must be white, orange or black.
  • Shirts and Sweatshirts- must be orange or black with the school logo.
  • Jackets- must be black with the school logo.
  • Belts- only standard black, brown or khaki-colored belt can be worn. All students must have a belt.
  • Shoes –BVES is requiring all students wear tennis shoes as they will all attend PE. Socks/Hosiery must be visible at the ankle or above.
  • FYI- No over-sized or undersized clothing is permitted.  Clothing must be properly sized.  All shirts must be tucked in completely around the waist of the uniform bottom.  All pants, shorts and other uniform bottoms are to be worn at the waist.  A belt must be worn at the waist with all uniform bottoms.   

We expect all students to be in compliance with the dress code.