Math/Science/Social Studies/Technology Night

On Thursday, February 1, 2024,  Boothville-Venice Elementary held its annual Math/Science/Social Studies/Technology Night for the parents and students.
This night is planned to engage students and parents in active investigations of math, science, social studies and technology.  The overall purpose is to build a strong school-parent family partnership and for parents to gain skills and strategies that can be used to help their children at home with academic success. 
Our Science and Social Studies activities allowed families to learn about our local environment and community, the math puzzles enabled families to critically think and problem solve, the math pattern blocks/shapes allowed them to explore symmetry & patterns, while the dice game aided in becoming fluent in addition, subtraction, multiplication and probability.  The technology piece was an exit ticket in which parents and students filled out a survey using a QR code using either a computer or smartphone.
What a fun-filled night for our BVES families.