Boothville-Venice Elementary School

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Boothville-Venice Elementary Gets A Rock Wall

Boothville Elementary just recently got a new addition to their Adapted Physical Education room.  With the help of many, a climbing “rock wall” was built and installed for the special population to use.  Rockwall climbing not only builds muscular strength, flexibility, and coordination, it promotes decision making, focused determination and self-confidence among many benefits.  The students were super-excited to help screw the rocks in and start climbing. 

Coach Tonya Becnel would like to thank the Autism Society of Greater New Orleans and the NAS JRB Credit Union for their donations; Mary Ellen Hamner, The Direction of Plaquemines Parish Special Education, for providing the “rocks”; Mrs. Maria Prout, Principal of Boothville, for providing such a great space and letting this happen; and Mr. Wayne Stumpf for building, painting, and installing the wall.

Picture 0046- Coach Tonya Becnel stands in front of Rock Wall

6231- Student Ryan Thai helps install rocks

6232 - Student Maurice Lobrano helps install rocks

6234 - Student  Jaimie Matalamaki