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BVES Takes a Trip to Sunship Earth

Five days of playing in the middle of the woods as a 5th grader is an ideal dream. It is even more meaningful when the “playing” is really hands-on learning.

Boothville-Venice Elementary School 5th grade students recently had that opportunity to spend 5 days and 4 nights learning in a whimsical, magical way at Sunship Earth, a program of T.R.E.E., located at a site in Covington, Louisiana.

Students learned science, math, ELA, and social studies skills through various activities in action-packed days from morning until night! Students spent time playing, pretending, researching, writing, presenting, drawing, singing, laughing and having fun! Everyone, including the adults, had to complete every part of the tasks at every station before they could move on to the next station.

One student, Sabryn Barthelemy told his 5th grade teacher and trip organizer Brianne Blakney, “I learn best through activities like this! It helps me learn and remember it.”

“I wish all of my students and teachers could experience this!” Principal Maria Prout said after hearing all of the great things her students had to say about the experience. “I am so grateful for this opportunity for our school!”

Chaperone and 6th grade BVES teacher Lee Blakney said, “It was great to see kids disconnect from technology and see them reconnect with nature around them through play and experience in the woods. It makes me think of a phrase I’ve heard before — “It ‘revealed the unconcealed’ of the natural world.”

BVES students and staff were able to attend this 5 day/4 night field trip as recipients of a grant provided by the Brown Foundation.