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The purpose of my class is to motivate and challenge our Talented Visual Art students to think creatively. My classroom is a supportive and respectful environment where students are engaged in thoughtful practice and self-discovery. Students participate in an exchange where concept, process, and product are balanced. As the year progresses the students become more comfortable and confident in meeting the challenges in the creation of art in a variety of media. They are encouraged to pose and solve problems and are expected to present new artworks throughout the school year.
Students are given opportunities to connect within and beyond our community in both Fine and Applied Art projects/competitions. The class will extend the individuals knowledge base, skills set, and their understanding and use in a variety of media/materials/tools/processes/formats.
Class Objectives
Students Will:
1. Use specific criteria, participate actively in discussions and short
written responses to identify principles and techniques of artistic
disciplines and explain the relationships of motivation, process, and
product in artworks.
2. Create and present discipline-specific and interdisciplinary
artworks to demonstrate comprehension of artistic principles,
techniques, and relationships.
3. Revise, edit, and refine work to demonstrate analysis of artistic
decisions and processes.
4. Work individually and in groups to create and present original,
discipline-specific and interdisciplinary works to demonstrate a
synthesis of ideas and creative use of resources.
5. Use specific criteria, participate actively in discussion and short
written responses to evaluate and critique artworks.

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Donna Martin
Special Education/Talented Art